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Fellow: Eternal Clash, 3D Mobile Adventure Online Game for Android and the Best IOS

In this adventure game Fellow: Eternal Clash , each player is presented with an exciting game concept with a character appearance that is not easily boring too. At the beginning of the game, each player is given several options to create his own character that suits his taste.

There are several roles that can be chosen, starting from Warrior, Rogue, Ranger, to Mage. After choosing a hero role, you can adjust your hair style, skin color, and hair color according to your wishes. With this character that has a match with your interests, which makes players not easily bored.

After creating a character, you can immediately start the adventure, complete each mission given, whether it’s just talking, to fight monsters that are diverse in certain regions. The more enemies and missions that are completed, then the character level will also increase, the strength is also greater.

For the characters we have in the game Fellow: Eternal Clash also has several strengths, which will continue to increase as the adventure progresses. Then, for each skill that is possessed this also has such an impressive effect, so that battles can also take place with excitement.

Not only on land, you can also adventure under the sea, fight the ferocious fish that are in it, or fly into the air against existing flying animals. And of course, this can give you the sensation of a different adventure game . Then for those of you who might want to play it casually and easily, you can use the auto-play feature, so that the mission can be resolved by itself.

However, if the problem is fighting, you have to face it yourself and this is where you really feel the adventure. To fight them is also not too easy, besides having to keep on attacking, players also have to avoid any attack from the incoming enemy. Think of a mature strategy for dealing with stronger enemies.

Game Fellow: Eternal Clash can you get directly through the Google Play Store for Android -based Smartphone users in just 81MB, while iOS -based device users can get it through the App Store with a file size of 1.5GB.



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