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How to use Belerick in Mobile Legends, a Tank that is getting stronger

Hero Tank in Mobile Legends is indeed identical to its character that has a large body, and some of them have strange forms, different from the others. For example, like Johnson, which is a machine, Grock (Stone), Akai (Panda), to Belerick (Plant).

If in this game , the more strange the shape sometimes has more power, guys. Like this Belerick, one of them, where he will be very strong if attacked and this is what makes him really fit to be a true Tank. Because when Belerick is attacked, some damage will be returned to the nearest enemy.

However, if the build isn’t right, it’s easy to die guys. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a build like this so that Belerick Mobile Legends is not easy to die, and gives a deadly attack response.

Item + Battle Speel + Emblem Recommendation

  • Warrior Boots
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Oracle
  • Thunder Belt
  • Sky Guardian Helmet
  • Blade Armor
  • Flicker or Healing Spell
  • Custom Tank

Upgrade Skill Recommendations

  • Lvl 1-5:  Skill 1 >> Skill 2 >> Skill 2 >> Skill 3 >> Skill 2
  • Lvl 6-10:  Skill 1 >> Skill 2 >> Skill 3 >> Skill 2 >> Skill 1
  • Lvl 11-15:  Skill 2 >> Skill 3 >> Skill 1 >> Skill 1 >> Skill 1

How to use

  • Early Game

When you first play the game, you should avoid big battles because the HP and Defense that they have are still not strong enough to withstand enemy attacks. Play calm, and remove skill 1 parallel to minion. If the enemy approaches, use skill 2 to stop the movement and just retreat immediately, if you are not accompanied.

  • Mid Game

When it reaches Mid Game, Belerick can join his team to do ganking, but don’t be alone, because this hero isn’t strong enough to fight enemies alone, especially mages who have long range attacks. And don’t forget, when a big war occurs, immediately remove the ultimate to protect friends. Then spam skill 2 to get additional HP.

  • Late Game

Belerick will be very suitable when combined with carry team heroes, such as Lesley , Karie, Layla , or others. Because belerick can stop the movement of the enemy for a while, and is able to become a thick fortress, so it is difficult to kill even 3 enemies. Remember, the more attacks Belerick receives, the more attacks are given.

That’s how you use Belerick Mobile Legends, which you can try to apply in the next game. Good luck.



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