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how to use 1 WhatsApp number on 2 HandPhone

Currently many rely on WhatsApp instant messaging applicationsas their main communication service, not only about the presence of features and ease of communication with other people, but the privacy security offered is also quite guaranteed so users don’t need to worry about conversations leaking to others.

To maintain better security, 1 number can be used by only one device, and when used for logging in another device, the account on the old device will automatically log out. However, for those of you who have activities on multiple devices you can use WhatsApp Web as an alternative to activate 1 number on 2 devices at the same time.

Actually WA can be used on mobile phones, but it feels less effective because the purpose of the service is to make it easier for users to stay connected with others through computers / laptops with limited features. Whereas to activate the same number on another cellphone plus its full features, you can follow the following methods .

How to activate the same WhatsApp number on another cellphone

It’s easy, you just need to install an additional application called MultiMessage for WhatsApp , with this application you will be able to login to WA using the same number without having to issue an account on another cellphone. The steps are:

  • First, install the MultiMessage for WhatsApp application first through the Google Play Store
  • After installation is complete, the next step is to open the application and scan the barcode code in the application with the WhatsApp Web feature on your cellphone
  • Wait a while, then you can enjoy the same WhatsApp account at 2 hp at a time without having to exit on the old cellphone
  • Not just chatting, but you can also do more things through this application, such as voice chat, video calls, status updates etc.

That’s how guys are about how to activate the same WhatsApp number on another cellphone. How, it’s very easy right? Good luck.



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