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How to Check the Easiest iPhone Imei

this time the topic to be discussed is about the iPhone image . Previously, Smarters knew what IMEI was? Well, so Imei itself is an important part of every Smarters smartphone or cellphone.

The reality is that many people don’t care about the existence of IMEI. Usually, people who like them do not check imei on their smartphone or cellphone, even though in reality sellers of electronic goods such as cellphones certainly cannot guarantee whether the goods they sell are genuine 100% or not.

Also with IMEI, Smarters can also find out where Smarters are stolen by others so they can be found by the provider. Well, all of these are also found in iPhone usage.

Smarters who are still confused and don’t know how to check the iPhone IMEI, let’s see more information below.

Using the iPhone System Alone

The first thing to know about checking the iPhone IMEI is to use the settings in the iiPhone system itself. Smarters only need to enter the Settings option or you can open the General option .

Then proceed to the about button and look for the imei option from the iPhone Smarters uses. Not only IMEI, Smarters can also search for other information such as models, serial numbers, wifi addresses, Bluetooth, ICCID, MEID, Modem firmware, SEID, store and so on.

Using iPhone Physical Display

The second way to check the iPhone IMEI is to see the physicality of the iPhone itself. However, you must first open the case on the back of the iPhone and remove the iPhone battery first. Later, Smarters will be able to see the IMEI number which is usually located in the SIM card slot.

Using Special Methods

The next way is to use a special method, this is Smarters. Why? Because this method is considered to be the most effective event for checking all iPhone Smarters devices. The method is very simple

Smarters only need to open the menu calls like all Smarters do to make phone calls. Then, Smarters only needs to type the code * # 06 # and call. Then without having to use it for long, your mobile screen will display the IMEI number of all iPhone Smarters.

Use iTunes

Well, the last thing Smarters can do is to use the iTunes facility on the iPhone. You know? iTunes? Yes, because iTunes isn’t only used to fill music, but iTunes can also be used to check Iphoe Smarters’ imei. To find out, the method is quite easy.

Smarters only need to connect the iPhone Smarters to computers that have iTunes software installed as well. Well, if it works, then select the button library in iTunes and then the data from the Smarters iPhone will automatically be displayed on the screen. Terms also imei number from your iPhone. Easy isn’t it?

Well, IMEI on the iPhone itself is considered to have a close connection with genuine or fake products. Now so that Smarters don’t get fooled about the authenticity of a cellphone, here are some tips on choosing an iPhone

  • Buy an iPhone at Apple authorized resellers in Indonesia. This is because the official Apple outlets will certainly not guarantee the authenticity of the products that Samrters buy outside the place. Therefore, checking imei is important so that Smarters are not fooled by irresponsible people.
  • Check the IMEI by using the methods mentioned above and match it with the IMEI that is on the dusbook.
  • Smarters are expected to not be easily tempted by offers at low prices. This is because iPhone is rarely offered at low prices. Unless there is indeed a small price discount. However, even then it does not reach 50%.
  • Check the iPhone and match the original characteristics of the iPhone

Well, there are some ways to check the iPhone IMEI, hopefully it will be useful and can be a reference for all Smarters



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