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Oppo Creates a Slide Screen Like This

As we know that, a number of vendors are trying their best to create a Smartphone with the use of a screen that is really full, and minimal frame. There have been many ways that have been realized, ranging from pop-up cameras, sliders, to holes in the screen. And so far, we know that only the camera and some other sensors are embedded there.

But recently, OPPO made the crowd excited because it had an unusual Smartphoneconcept . The Chinese company has a patent that displays the concept of its future devices. And his own appearance is really strange and has never been before.

As with the patent that has been distributed by LetsGoDigital , OPPO has a design to make a Smartphone that has a second screen with a pop-up concept. In the first picture, the second screen part of the cellphone has extended vertically upwards like a pop-up camera in general, only with a larger size. The screen that appears on its top is about one third of the length of the main screen.

Then in the second picture , it is known that the latest Smartphone designed by OPPO is possible to be shifted towards the side of the second screen. It’s the same height, only the width that appears on the surface is only a part. And of course, the part will later have an unusual special function.

Well, even though it is still in the form of patents and designs, this proves that OPPO really wants to be one of the vendors who have many innovations to be different than other vendors.

As the information reported from the Gizmodo page , it is mentioned that additional screens that can be raised to the top can later be used to control music or movies, or it can be used as a physical drawer to bring up all of your applications on the screen, or it can be a tray notification with full control.

Then, when the screen is shifted to the side, it can be used as an on-screen control when playing games, such as playing PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, for example, the screen will be free of interference and the game will be more exciting.



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