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The Clearest Common Difference from Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile

Comparing PUBG Mobile Vs Call of Duty: Mobile

It has been long awaited, until finally the game Call of Duty: Mobile is officially launched on the Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. Many suspect that the game will become a fierce competitor from PUBG Mobile . Is that really the case?

If it is said to be competitive, yes, because both of them carry the concept of Battle Royale gameplay. However, each of these games offers different advantages and disadvantages.

Maybe for those of you who want to try the game Call of Duty: Mobile and have played the PUBG Mobile game , you need to know about the general differences between the two games first, so that you can get a better understanding. And when you have tried it directly, can prove it yourself.

Call of Duty: Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile

  • Helicopter

The most awaited in the PUBG Mobile game is the presence of a helicopter in the game. In the Chinese version , now it can be used for helicopters that spawn in the city of Pochinki and several other cities in Erangel. While the public version is still not available until now.

But for the game Call of Duty: Mobile has immediately offered the sensation of driving a helicopter since it was first released. So that players can move quickly without the need to think about the steep road though.

  • More Modern Games

When compared to PUBG Mobile, the impression is that the game Call of Duty: Mobile has been fighting in modern times. Some sophisticated tools such as helping players go up / down hills quickly using the elevator rope, jumping from a height directly activate the wingsuit so that it does not immediately knock, until sophisticated vehicles also exist in the CODM game.

  • More Realistic Graphics

And graphically it is undeniable, the Call of Duty Mobile game offers a more real and impressive look. Details of each weapon, vehicle, until the scenery around is made in such a way, close to real. Actually it’s not much different from PUBG Mobile, but if you have played both of them, you will know clearly what the graphic comparison between the two games is .

  • Agility

This time it’s PUBG Mobile’s turn to be superior, where for the characters in the PUBGM game it is known to have a higher level of agility than Call of Duty: Mobile. There may be a lot of action done, but it doesn’t seem to be too nimble to dodge or move.

  • Shot Mode

For shot mode, it can be said that PUBG Mobile is more real and fair, because each player is required to press the bullet button to shoot when there is an enemy. In contrast to Call of Duty: Mobile that only directs weapons can directly fire automatically. Even though there is a manual shooting option, obviously the game will be unfair.

  • Sophisticated Weapons

About the sophistication of weapons, Call of Duty: Mobile is more sophisticated because it can issue combat drones, activate the radar to find out the enemy position, to air missiles. Unlike PUBG Mobile which applies the concept of simple combat, there are even machetes, pans, and sickles in the game to kill enemies.

That’s the comparison between PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. The conclusion is that CODM is more modern and comfortable, but the sensation of battle is felt to be excessive and too sophisticated a tool to use. Whereas PUBGM tends to traditional battles, and the fair play is really impressive.



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