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Truck Simulator USA, the Best Online Car Game in 3D Racing for Android and IOS

Truck Simulator USA Gameplay

Not a car racing game, but it can be said that the categories are similar because in this game both have elements of the vehicle, which can test the skills of the players in driving. In addition, USA Truck Simulator offers an interesting experience, and not all similar games offer this kind of concept.

Just like the Simulator game in general, only for this Truck Simulator USA game offers more complete vehicle control features, so that players can experience a more exciting and satisfying driving.

Not only is there a gas pedal and brake button, but in this game there are also the Turn Signal, Horn, Lights, Start Engine, Lights, Handbrake, and so on. Thus, the sensation to control the truck can be more promising.

Not only will it be in the truck, players can also browse the map around in First Person display mode. You could say this Truck Simulator USA has a gameplay concept that is not much different from the GTA, but is more controlled and also there is no level of violence mission that involves the police.

It’s just that here the role of the player is as a truck driver who delivers goods here and there. And in this game itself there are several types of trucks that can be controlled, ranging from simple to epic trucks even though they are all available in this game. But to get it, you have to find money in advance by completing each mission given, or instantly by buying it.

About graphics, this Truck Simulator USA game is already quite satisfying. Although it seems normal, but the level of detail in the exterior or interior of the truck is sufficiently detailed so that players can enjoy this game with satisfaction.

On the Google Play Store, users of Android -based devices can get this USA Truck Simulator game for free with a size of 27MB. While on the App Store, this game can be obtained free by iOS -based device users , the required file size is 361.9MB.



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