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The 10 Best Best Accurate Weather Applications on Android

The middle of the rainy season is almost in all parts of Indonesia. Even so, Smarters don’t need to be upset because they don’t know when it will rain. Thanks to technological sophistication, Smarters can find out weather forecasts only through the most accurate weather application on Android phones.

Smarters can receive all information related to weather, earthquake, wind speed, etc. These are the 10 best Android weather applications that we recommend.

1. Google Now

Who doesn’t know Google Now? If you just bought an Android cellphone, Smarters will easily find this application. Because Google Now, including the bloatware application or the default application from the Android OS itself.

Actually, what is Google Now? Google is a personal assistant created by Google LLC. The features are very many. Like for example, flight status, traffic, and information about the weather.

Talking about the weather, Smarters will get quite complete information on Google Now. Starting from the weather conditions today, the info can be updated every hour, until the weather is tomorrow, the day after, and a week later. Great right?

Google Now runs on a minimal Android OS Jelly Bean. The application is not really heavy, only 7.9MB. Please try! Download

2. AccuWeather

If Smarters don’t want to use Google Now, the most accurate weather app can be tried this one, namely AccuWeather. This application is quite popular among Android users. The proof is, around 50 million people installed on their Android phones.

Before entering as an Android application, AccuWeather was already known as a well-known American media company, which supplied commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. The company was founded by Joel N. Myers since 1962.

The weather forecast shown by this application is also quite complete. Smarters will see weather forecasts in real time – starting today until a week later. The interface between them is also good. In addition, Smarters can also monitor maps through animated satellite imagery. Includes information videos according to the Smarters region.

Unfortunately, the AccuWeather application can only run on OS Android 6 and above. So, for Android OS 5 users down, you can use other weather applications. Download

3. Yahoo Weather

Not only Google issued a weather application. In fact, Yahoo also issued a similar application. It’s called Yahoo Weather.

The interface display offered by Yahoo Weather is also interesting. If Smarters wipes the screen down, there will be complete information about the weather forecast. Here, Smarters will see estimates of rain, wind, wind pressure, temperature, to the position of the sun and moon. When Smarters swipe the screen to the left, there will be local favorite information.

Smarters can also change the background of this application. How, Smarters uploads photos through the site . This application can run starting from Android Kitkat OS (4.4). Not bad for OS users who haven’t updated. Download

4. Weather

Weather is one of the most accurate weather applications on Android. Smarters can get information about the weather with updates every hour, day and week. This feature can be found on AndroidTV too.

The most interesting thing is the application capacity is only 4.4MB. Much lighter than other applications.

The Weather application was released June 21, 2012, and was only updated on February 6, 2019. Arguably, this one application belongs to the popular weather application category on PlayStore. The total downloads are more than 10 million. Download

5. BMKG Info

BMKG (Badang Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics) also issued an Android application apparently. In this application called BMKG Info, Smarters will get all climate, weather, air quality, hotspots, press releases and earthquakes in all regions throughout Indonesia. In addition, Smarters will also receive maritime weather information, airport weather, and weather along the Lebaran homecoming route.

The interface of BMKG Info is pretty good. Not confusing between one menu with other menus. And this application is supported by an additional feature, namely push notification, which will provide information on the weather conditions in your area right now.

BMKG Info was released on May 6, 2012, and was only updated on October 3, 2018. The Android OS that supports this application starts from Kitkat. The capacity is not very large, only 9.8 MB. This application is one of the popular applications. This can be seen from the total downloads of 1 million. Download

6. MSN Weather

It seems that Microsoft does not want to miss with Google and Yahoo in the field of weather forecast applications. The name of the most accurate weather application issued by Microsoft is MSN Weather.

Smarters can get information on today’s weather forecast and rainfall, tomorrow and a few. So that Smarters can plan activities out of the house more definitely. In addition to information on these two things, Smarters can find out wind speed, humidity, ultra violet light index, etc.

The MSN Weather application can run on Android OS at least 4.2 (Jelly Bean). The capacity is tolerable anyway , about 21.7 MB. Are there other alternatives? There is. Take it easy! Download

7. Authentic Weather

Unlike the previous four weather applications, the Authentic Weather interface and language application is simple. Even so, Smarters will still get a fairly informative weather forecast. Through this application, Smarters can also share weather information with friends who are in contact.

The Authentic Weather application was released since August 28, 2013, and was last updated on September 23, 2016. The Android OS needed starts from Jelly Bean (4.1) and the application is quite small 3.68 MB. Download

8. Weather By WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug application is a weather application that has advanced features. Smarters can receive weather information in realtime , and also see maps with 18 different animations, which can be arranged as desired.

The superior feature of Weather by WeatherBug is Spark Lighting Alerts. What is that? This feature sends weather notifications, especially areas prone to lightning strikes, to the Smarters smartphone phone directly.

This application is quite popular, because it has been used by 10 million Android users. Unfortunately, this application is quite large 67.46MB, and has the potential to confiscate Smarters cellphone space storage. But with cool features, does Smarters want to miss this most accurate weather application? Download

9. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Features and appearance of the 1Weather application interface: Widget Forecast Radar is quite simple and comfortable. But the weather forecast given to users is quite informative. There is also a My Location feature that can be used to get realtime weather information in the area around Smarters. In addition, Smarters will get info about temperature, wind speed, etc.

1Weather application: Widget Forecast Radar was released on 11 January 2012, and updated on 17 December 2018. With a light weight (10.30 MB), this application has been downloaded 10 million users. Download

10. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a weather application that can be used as a benchmark. The features contained in the Weather Underground application are quite a lot. Smarters can enjoy notification features, weather forecast 10 days (per hour, per day) plus explanations, interactive maps, reports from people, etc.

The Weather Underground was released December 19, 2011 and was updated October 2, 2018. Unfortunately, the most accurate weather application that has been downloaded more than 5 million users is heavy capacity, 21.63 MB. Download



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