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Savior Saga: Idle RPG, a 3D Mobile Adventure Online Game for Android and the Best IOS

Savior Saga: Idle RPG The following is not an ordinary RPG adventure game, but one of the specials of an RPG game. Because in this game each player is thinking hard enough to arrange the best team, because there are enough parts that need to be regulated and strengthened.

As usual, in this game we will get some new characters along the way, no longer using the Gacha system like other RPG games. When doing battle and scouting, you will get items and new heroes who have their own special powers.

There are several types of heroes that you can play, and are divided into 2 types of attacks, namely the front line facing the enemy directly and the back row that supports other heroes and provides attacks from a distance using magical powers and physical attacks.

The journey of the game itself is quite interesting, the storyline is easy and fun to follow. Besides that when fighting monsters, there is a conversation with each other among the heroes so that players can read it and as if entering the story.

The items that you will get in the Savior Saga: Idle RPG game are varied and have levels and can be upgraded to get more power. Not only items or weapons that can be upgraded, but the level of each hero can also be upgraded, their skills can also be upgraded according to the need to fight monsters that are getting stronger too.

For graphic problems and also the gameplay effects of this RPG adventure game it is also quite interesting and exciting to see. In addition to adventurers, players can also play and complete the Dungeon mode which is a borderless battle to measure how far our hero strength is.

The Savior Saga game: This Idle RPG can be found on the Google Play Store by only 72 MB Android users . Then for iOS users can download the game through the App Store with a size of 724.3 MB.



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