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Forged Fantasy, Mobile Adventure 3D Online Game for Android and the Best IOS

 Forged Fantasy games areindeed one of the RPG games where players only need to set which skills are released by each character. In this team game concept, they don’t need to be too hard to attack their opponents with basic attacks, because each hero can move on his own.

Even so, this game is not boring at all, because the players are not just waiting casually but are required to cultivate the best and quickest strategies to avoid defeat. Different from RPG games in general, Forged Fantasy can also do basic attack manually so that players can determine themselves to cover from behind with long-range attacks or fight directly in the front row against the enemy.

There are so many types of heroes that you can use, ranging from front line, middle, long range warrior heroes to hero healing which can add blood to his friends who are dying and almost killed by their opponents. That way, a long journey will feel exciting and fun with the ability of each diverse hero.

To get a new hero in this Forged Fantasy game , players must complete a certain mission first. Not only will you get the hero, but by completing the mission the player can also get items and coins which will later be used to make our hero stronger.

Graphic problems, it might be unsatisfactory because the impression is still not so real. But the graphics are quite interesting for light games like this. So for middle and lower class devices even though later you can play this game quite smoothly.

For those of you who are interested in getting this Forged Fantasy game , you can go directly to the Google Play Store, you Android users can get it with a size of just 97 MB. While in the App Store iOS users can download it with a size of 116.9MB. You can get it for free, but if you need some items you can make in-game purchases.



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