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Endurance of the Redmi Note 7 Tested By Experts

The presence of the latest middle-class smartphone called the Redmi Note 7has made a scene for most people, this is because there has never been a device equipped with a 48MP rear camera and priced at only Rp.

The people’s thinking about the extraordinary resilience of the Redmi Note 7 is increasingly attached after the Redmi boss and also Xiaomi directly conduct the endurance test of the cellphone, starting from being slammed, stepped on, thrown, sliced, and so on. But those who carried out the test were insiders. So, what if you test the gadget destroyer?

Yes, the results obtained are far different from the results of testing from the officials of Redmi and its parent company. Through the JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel , the real resistance of the Redmi Note 7 is revealed.

In the test this time it was done as when the tests were carried out on other phones such as the Galaxy Note 9 , Huawei P20, iPhone XS series, and so forth. First, the screen resistance test of sharp objects has been carried out, and the result of the Redmi Note 7with the completeness of the Gorilla Glass 5 is only able to withstand scratches on level 5 only.

Then for the speaker at the top when scratched with the cutter, instead detach the component. Then when swiped with a cutter, the plastic body looks bad beret and even peels little by little. So, basically the first Redmi Smartphone after being released from Xiaomi does not have a sturdy body.

However, for the rear body which is coated with glass, it is quite impressive, when scratched with the cutter does not leave scratch at all, so does the fingerprint sensor on the back which does not leave a trace when scratched.

Then on the screen, in the combustion test the Redmi Note 7 did blacken, but the stain disappeared by itself. But when it is firmly bent, all the things that are considered sturdy are crushed, the rear body is cracked, the screen breaks and doesn’t work, so the device can’t run normally again. Here’s the proof of the video …



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