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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Graduated from JerryRigEverything Torture Test

Xiaomi redesigned the Mi Mix 3’s full-screen flagship, the phone uses a sliding design that ensures the bezel around the screen is at a minimum level. Although the slider technology that has been played has proven to be different from the one on slider phones in the past, there are still concerns about the durability of this smartphone.

Fans want to get a guarantee about the durability of a smartphone before buying a Xiaomi device. Well, if Smarters also need proof of the durability of Mi Mix 3, Zack Nelson from JerryRig is here to answer the curiosity of its users.

Tes Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 –

The Youtuber recently posted about the Xiaomi MI Mix 3 video which is undergoing an extreme torture test, this post has also been seen by many people. Fortunately, Mix 3 seems to be able to survive well in the initial tests, namely the bending test and when burning.

What’s interesting is the resistance of the cellphone to scratches. The back of the ceramic is also quite resistant to scratches compared to metal or glass panels. Even metal earpieces are scratched. But it is still fine and not damaged because it has good ingredients.

The only obstacle or disadvantage in this smartphone is the slider is not good for performance or strength, because the small gap between the two parts is very possible to stain dirt and sand in easily.

Speaking of bending tests, Mi Mix 3 can last well. Although slightly bent but did not hit like any other slider phones like OPPO Find X . This could be because it uses a tough ceramic body.



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