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4 Games Guess Exciting Images For iPhone Users

Playing games is one fun way to spend time, waiting for a train or bus to come to take advantage of free time to relax.  

Already have many types of games on the iPhone ? Try playing a guessing game, let’s go! There are lots of interesting games available free on the App Store that can be used to train Smarters brains. The gameplay is generally simple, the file is light but careful can be addictive and forget time.

Here are 4 recommendations for guessing fun and free images for iPhone users that Smarters can try to play.

1. What’s the Pic? – Hidden Object Puzzle Pictures

The guessing game on the first iPhone is What’s The Pic? – Hidden Object Puzzle Pictures. This game that is available for free on the App Store can be an interesting game choice to train the brain while having fun.

The gameplay is very simple. Players only need to guess the images available on the screen. The game is divided into several puzzle parts that can be opened by clicking on the desired puzzle section.

There is a limit to how many parts of the puzzle can be opened, so the player has to think about which strategy to open to guess the image.

This guessing game will invite Smarters to think of guessing the answer to the puzzle arrangement. This Gaame has simple gameplay and can be addictive. And the more correct answers, the more difficult the photos to guess. Download AppStore

2. 4 pics 1 Song

If you just look at the game title, Smarters already understands how to play this one game. In the 4 Pics 1 Song game the player will be given 4 pictures and then have to guess the title of the famous guard only armed with the pictures.

This picture guessing game is perfect for Smarters who have extensive knowledge in the international music world. 

The songs in this game come from various singers, genres and also the year of release. It could be a current song or even an old song! 

The more songs that Smarters can guess, the more coins they will get. If you are stuck and need help, Smarters can use powerup to get a hint about the song title of the image presented. Simple but still exciting, games that can be downloaded for free on the App Store are worth playing, you know! 

Download AppStore

3. 100 PICS Quiz – Picture Trivia

100 Pick Quiz is a game that guesses images that are quite interesting because in this game there are very many images compared to the previous game list. There are around 10,000 images that can be guessed with 100 interesting categories to choose from. 

Besides that, 100 Pics Quiz game is different from guessing games in general. If you guess the usual image Smarters have to guess the image that is only shown partially, then in 100 Pics this Quiz Smarters must guess the meaning of the image.

Calm down, the picture is displayed in its entirety, so it will make it easier for Emain to answer correctly. 

Each picture that was successfully guessed will produce coins that can be used to get hints / leaks to various new images that can be purchased using the coin. If Smarters plays this game every day, there will be a free picture pack for you, you know!

There are lots of interesting categories to choose from, for example, guessing the logo of popular products in the world, guess thematic emojis, guessing pictures according to the season (winter, heat, spring, rain to Christmas, thanksgiving and halloween).

There are also guessed images about TV shows, films to world celebrities. There is also a guessing picture about science to popular songs. This exciting picture guessing game can be downloaded for free on the App Store, you know!

Download AppStore

4. Guess the Pic! Close up Photos

As the name implies, this picture guessing game displays images that have been zoomed in and the player has to guess them correctly by selecting the letters listed below each photo. The gameplay is very simple and can be played by all ages.

There are hundreds of levels that players can complete that all use objects that are commonly found in everyday life. This game is quite exciting to just spend time. Oh yeah, this game is also free on the App Store, you know!

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