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Tips to Overcome Windows 10 Sudden Updates and Their Explanations

Currently the most recent operating system from Microsoft is Windows 10, by using this OS, of course, we will get more diverse updates and features compared to the previous system, although there are still foreigners with how to use it.

In addition, often many are upset about the frequency of updates made by Windows 10 , because the work is delayed or maybe something else. When we want to turn off, there is the text “Getting Windows Ready, Don’t Turn off your Computer”. After a long wait, it turns out the laptop can’t even die.

If you experience this kind of thing, don’t panic first guys, let’s look at the full discussion about Tips to Overcome Windows 10 Sudden Updates easiest without waiting for the following long .

Tips to Overcome Windows 10 Sudden Updates

Indeed, in the notification we told you to wait because it was still in the preparatory phase of Windows. However, because the wait is not dead-dead, there is no other way except to shut it down by forcefully alias Shutdown, right, don’t you guys? But is this method safe? Here’s the experiment .

Note: Forcibly turn off or hard shutdown the way the power button is pressed for a few seconds until the indicator light turns off all, for the computer can immediately unplug the power.

First, we install a small Windows update and when we want to shut down, the news appears, “Getting Windows Ready, Don’t Turn Off Your Computer”. Without further ado, we force off directly.

And what happens is that when it is restarted, everything returns to normal and only gets ‘We couldn’t finish installing updates’ notifications . However, after a while longer, certain events like this will happen again.

It’s the same as the first, but we try to wait even longer until the process says ‘Working on updates, 27% complete, Don’t turn off your computer’. From here we force off directly.

The results when turned on again will only get a notification “We Can’t Complete the updates, Undoing Changes , Don’t Turn off your computer”. Wait a few moments and we will enter the main window and get ‘We couldn’t finish installing updates’ notifications.

Next, this big windows update, namely Fall Creators Update. When shutting down the computer , wait a while until ‘configuring update for Windows 10 appears, 10% complete, Don’t Turn off your computer’, we turn it off.

From this there is still no effect whatsoever, it turns out that the Please process only waits for a while and everything works normally as usual. And when it enters the main display again gets a ‘We couldn’t finish installing updates’ notification

Tips to Overcome Windows 10 The next sudden update is to do a test waiting for a longer update that is until there is a writing ‘working on updates 48%, Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while ‘. And force it to turn off.

The effect is that when you turn it back on, the ‘Restoring your Previous version of Windows’ process will appear. This is the longest process compared to the others, but after waiting until it’s finished everything will run normally and will get ‘We couldn’t finish installing updates’ notifications too.

From the results, all of them did not cause any problems, hard shutdown is still a powerful way to stop the update . But it would be better if it was free and the internet connection would run smoothly, just continue the process and follow the windows want to finish. Because if not, one day it will happen again. In addition, frequent hard shutdown can cause quite fatal damage such as a system error to crack the hard drive.

If there is a problem with Windows , try using the Startup repair tool, or if you don’t reinstall Windows. But if it’s still not resolved, immediately bring it to someone who is an expert to get treatment.

Beitulah guys Tips to Overcome Windows 10 Sudden Updates that you can apply yourself when Windows 10 starts to update again. Good luck.



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