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Tips for Finding a Flare Gun in the Erangel PUBG Mobile Map

Flare Gun is one of the rarest weapons in the PUBG Mobile game, because this shootout can bring in weapons, medical and the like, or commonly known as AirDrop. Not only that, for items that we will get from AirDrop the results of this Flare Gun call are 2x more than the usual ones.

Of course you want to get one of these rarest shoots right? Well, if you play on Map Erangel, here are some of the most recommended places based on the information we get from GCUBE to get the Flare Gun in the following places .

  • Mylta Power

This place is located across the street, close to Mylta Power. Here you can get a random Spawn Gun Flare , and this weapon is usually in the top of a large warehouse around the place. So, explore and ride every building in this place. the area itself is also small, so you can boot quickly and stay alert to enemies who are likely to visit this place too.

  • Georgopol

You can get up to 2x Flare Gun in this place if you are lucky. This weapon is usually located in a large box in Georgopol. The area itself is also quite wide and open so you have to be effective and careful of long-range attacks.

  • Point of Interest

This location is usually a place used to wait for other players to enter the game . And when the game started, immediately headed to this place to get a chance to find the Flare Gun. This place is not always the same, so you need to give a sign every time you enter in the game.

So, while waiting for other players where players can only run and attack other players, please open the map and mark your current location. And when he got on the plane, immediately open the map again and go straight to the place marked earlier. It’s possible that you can get the Flare Gun there.

That’s how guys get the Flare Gun in the Erangel PUBG Mobile Map . Good luck.



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