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How to use LINE on a computer with and without an application

As one of the instant messaging services popular with teenagers, the LINE application service can still be operated on Smartphone devices as well as computers. However, how to use it is a little different when compared to WhatsApp , guys, if on the Facebook service branch , just open the web and just scan the code to enter.

For LINE it is quite complicated at the beginning but it is easier for the long term and its use is very responsive too. In addition, users are also given the choice whether to use additional applications on the computer or not. Here are 2 ways to use LINE on a computerthat you can apply.

  1. With application
  • First we open the browser application first and visit the official website of LINE for PC. For English (, for Indonesian (
  • Then click the “Get LINE for Windows” button if the computer uses the Windowsplatform , click Mac OS for installation on Apple’s computer. In the tutorial open the LINE application on the PC this time using Windows.
  • If the download is complete, do the installation as usual until it’s finished. Then immediately open the application if it has been successfully installed.
  • Login to your account, use e-mail, phone number or scan with QR Code directly with your Smartphone . Verify the number code that has been sent by LINE to start synchronization.
  • After this you are done, and you can notify the LINE application if needed.

2. No Application

  • First open the Google Chrome browser and go to Chrome App or more easily click ( for English and ( for Indonesian. Usually we are immediately taken to the Indonesian version.
  • Please click the Google Chrome icon on the bottom right of the screen, Windows or Mac.
  • After that click the blue button that says “+ Add to Chrome” and wait a while until the process is complete.
  • This way you will be directed to the list of applications installed in the Chrome browser. Click or select the LINE application logo.
  • Then do the login method, email / telephone number / QR Code. After this you have successfully entered.

How, it’s easy right guys How to use the LINE application on a computer with and without this application? Good luck.



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