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How to use 2 accounts on 1 Facebook Messenger application

Most of Facebook users certainly already know the application called Messenger. Yes,this application is one that must be owned by regular FB users because in the application the message feature is not provided like the Lite version.

Even so, Facebook Messenger is not only for connecting communication services between Fb friends, but also can be with other people in the contact menu or maybe it can also be used to play exciting and fun instant games .

Well, what is often troublesome is business people where they certainly don’t only have 1 Facebook account , but more than that to reach more consumers. Often they are confused about having to change messenger accounts. Even though there is a simpler way, that is, using 2 accounts on 1 Facebook Messenger application only. Curious? Here’s the full step.

How to Activate 2 Accounts on 1 Facebook Messenger Application

  • First you get the latest Facebook Messenger application first, then open the application
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, you will find the profile icon from the current account. Click on the profile to open the full menu
  • After that, scroll to the bottom and find the Switch Account menu . Click the menu
  • If you have entered the account switching menu, then the next step is to click the Add Account button , then enter your e-mail or telephone number from your Facebook or messenger account along with the password in the column provided
  • After everything is finished, then the next step is to click the add button
  • Finish, so there will be 2 accounts running on your Facebook Messenger application

That is how guys activate 2 accounts at once in one Facebook Messenger application . How, it’s very easy and useful right? Good luck.



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