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How to Register and Install PUBG Lite on PC

The encroachment of PUBG games is now even wider, especially when yesterday presented the mobile version, its popularity instantly increased dramatically. Even so, it turns out the developer is still paying attention to the PC version of the players, one of the strongest proofs is presenting the PUBG Lite game.

Initially the game was only available in Thailand, but now some Southeast Asian countries are starting to get it too. Starting today, February 13, 2019 the PUBG Lite game can be officially downloaded in Indonesia.

For those who want to try playing this lightweight specification Battle Royale game, you can follow the full steps below .

How to Register and Download the PUBG Lite Game

Before getting the master game, you must register first through the link . Fill in the personal data completely until finally the account can be used to log into the game. In this process, players are asked to confirm in advance via e-mail before the account is finally activated.

But there are exceptions where players who already have a Garena account don’t need to register anymore, because you can use the account to play this game. If you already have an account, please download PUBG Lite via the link

After getting the installation file, do the installation of the application as usual, for the language used is English so that you can do the installation easily as usual when installing applications.

When the installation process is complete, then enter the e-mail and password that was registered previously. That way you can immediately enter the game and enjoy the game as usual.

That is how guys register at once to download PUBG Lite on a PC that you can try to follow yourself. Good luck.



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