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How to Play Conquest of Dawn on Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends gameis currently very popular, there are many who play it, starting from children to adults though. Well, recently the developer Moonton has presented an interesting feature called Conquest of Dawn .

Through this feature the players can meet squad from other countries, while we will cooperate with squad from the same country. So every player in Indonesia can fight together to lift the reputation of the Mobile Legends  game .

For this war itself will be done every Saturday based on the time of each server. Then for participation it can begin to be followed from Monday to a moment when the alias war match has not begun. Well, every player who successfully registers later can take part in the match.

But this match also has several provisions that must be considered, including such as:

  • Mininmal Rank Grand Master

Because this risks the National reputation, then the master rank down is not allowed to participate because it might make the team and the game mess. So here it is considered that Grandmaster players already know the path of the Mobile Legends game so they can work well together.

  • Against Other Country Teams

As explained earlier, every player here cannot be mixed up like the gameplay in general. We can only join players from the same country, for example Indonesia. Then, of course, players from other countries will fight, but sometimes it can be your own country, but this is a rare event for guys.

  • There are 4 stages per round

Each round will be divided into 4 parts, including the Rally Your Squad , Battle , Battle Report and Temporary Truce . For Rally Your Squad this is the initial stage where players must register first by clicking respond. And when the match starts, players can enter the Squad Room and prepare for the match. For every 1 round it will last 2 hours.

Then the Battle Report will be the final stage of the match and all Match-making will also be canceled. Players who are looking for opponents will return to the home page. Then for Temporary Truce this is the stage of rest and preparation for the next round which will be held within 1 and a half days.

How, it’s very easy not to play Conquest of Dawn in this Mobile Legends ? If so, don’t forget to participate.



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