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How to Lock the Safest Laptop Folder that Needs to Be Implemented

As one of the Laptop users , of course you already understand not why all the data in it must be kept confidential? Moreover, it contains personal data that no one should know about. Yes, a lot of laptop owners prefer to store privacy data in laptops because the storage is bigger and the search is also easy.

However, for this laptop device, sometimes friends like to borrow to do something important, and none other than being careless can your personal folders in it be peered by friends. Of course this is very dangerous right guys.

Well, to anticipate an event like this you should just lock your privacy folder guys so that no one can access it except yourself. Still don’t know the safest way ? Quiet, follow Method Key in Laptops Most Secure Folder below .

How to Lock the Safest Laptop Folder

To implement this method we need the help of a third-party application called Super Folder Locker guys, to get it you can download it on various sites that provide the most trusted.

After that, do the installation as usual. Then, open the application that was just installed. Here we will be asked to enter a password to log in, no need to be confused because we only need to enter “password” and click Login to enter.

Next we prepare a new folder on our laptop that wants to be locked so that it is safe and protected from other people’s piracy.

After that, How to Lock the Folder on the Safest Laptop next is that we go back to the application and select the column to choose which folder you want to lock and maintain security.

Then, select which folder you want to lock (previously prepared) and click Ok to continue.

If it has been uploaded successfully, then continue by clicking the Lock button on the left to begin the locking process. And after this you will be asked to provide a special password to access the folder.

Well, if at any time the folder is safe and not so important, the next step is to open the Super Folder Locker application again and enter the locked folder, then click the Unlock button.

That’s how you guys How to Lock a Folder on the Safest Laptop that you can try to apply on your own laptop device. Alternatively, you can use other applications such as Folder Lock Finals, Lock a Folder, Wise Folder Hider, or maybe a few others, maybe there is something you know but haven’t mentioned that you can share it in the comments column huh. Good luck!



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