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How to Hide Preview Contents WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone

iPhone with iOS is a smartphone that is considered very safe compared to its rival Android. The application that is included in the iOS operating system is not a default application, all require very strict verification to enter the Appstore application market.

So is the best and most popular WhatsApp chatapplication . The WhatsApp application provides full support for iPhone users. Support is like hiding content from a preview notification so that it cannot be read by others. 

We agree that chat is the content of privacy for everyone, so that other people should not be able to see the contents of chat messages even if only limited to Pop-up.

Luckily for iPhone users, they  can activate the hide feature of WhatsApp Notification Preview Content. How to? let’s see below:

1. Enter WhatsApp Settings

2. Non Enable Preview

3. Preview content of Closed Notifications

Then we will see the WhatsApp message on the iPhone no longer being read, only the message “Message” to see it must open your iPhone first. That way Smarters no longer need to feel that they are read by other people.



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