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How to get Original Video on Facebook

Originial video is indeed more satisfying because we ourselves are not bothered by the embedding of logos, advertisements or anything from related parties (creators). In addition, videos like this will also be banned if we upload them on YouTube or Facebook pages that do strictly prohibit videos that ignore copyright.

Well, for those of you who want to find free videos of copyright aka Original then you can make it yourself or maybe buy it from a third party. In addition, you can also get it on Facebook, because there are a lot of videos that still don’t have copyright, so it’s free to use by anyone.

Are you already aware of how to get copyright-free videos from Facebook ? If you still don’t know, let’s just follow the complete method below .

How to download Facebook videos free of copyright

  • First, please open your account first through the application or website. But in this tutorial we open Facebook via a PC device
  • After entering the home page, please enter the search box in the top left corner, then enter the video keyword you want to search for, such as ” Downhill “
  • Later on the search results will be presented several menus, please go directly to the video tab to search for various kinds of videos relating to Downhill
  • If so, please tap on one of the videos that you like and of course, carefully examine whether there is a watermark or logo attached to it. If it’s not there, then you can proceed to the next step, but if you can, find another video
  • Then, we copy the video link in the browser address bar. Then we open a Facebook video download site that many of you find on the Internet. One of the most recommended is
  • Paste the video link to the column on the fbdown site, then press enter
  • Wait a while until the download process is complete

That’s how guys download copyright-free Facebook videos . Good luck.



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