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How to delete cache on iPhone

Basically there is nothing wrong with the  cache. Many people think that this cache is junk or often called junk file. But the reality is different, precisely this cache helps iPhone hardware to process data faster. What is the cache refer to below:

Cache is a small type file from iPhone memory that provides high-speed data access to the processor and stores frequently used iPhone programs, applications, and data. Cache is called  the fastest memory on a computer, and is usually integrated into the motherboard and directly embedded in the processor or random access memory (RAM).

Indonesian people make this cache definition  seem negative and consider it the same as Junk File, fail to understand at all. So why is the title  Cache  ? yes, so you just click on this article: p and let me not fail to understand Cache. 

In my article this time, I will share articles about how to clean Junk Files from iPhone with the 2 most effective ways. The following are the ways and stages along with the picture.

Method 1: Clean the Junk File on the iPhone

  • Download Cleaner Application

Daniel Anderson’s  Magic Phone Cleaner application  can delete files that are no longer needed such as cache files and junk files . In addition, this application can also detect any files that have a  Large Size  in iPhone smarters. With that, you can make a decision to delete the file or keep it. 


  • Clean the  Junk File

If the warning comes out “You May See An Alert Storage Almost Full” just tap  Okay

  • Wait until it’s finished

In this stage smarters only need to wait for the cleaning process that is being done by Magic Phone Cleaner. In this process it usually doesn’t take 5 minutes, depending on the amount of junk files on the iPhone smarters.

  • Finished

When the Magic Phone Cleaner application has finished removing junk files in the iPhone smarters, Magic Phone Cleaner will show how much it has deleted the expired file. As seen in the picture above, this application has deleted 174.2MB of expired files on my iPhone. 

Method 2: Clean the cache on the iPhone

Wow, why still use the word “cache”? yeah so you click on Google … Forget it. Here’s how to delete data that is no longer needed, or maybe you want to clean files in iCloud. 

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap an iCloud Account
  • Tap iCloud
  • Tap Manage Storage
  • Delete Application data

– Tap the data of the application you want to delete (Example: Whatsapp)

  • Delete Backup data




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