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How to Change Your YouTube Account to Private, History to Be Safe!

Just like some other internet services where YouTube also saves the privacy of its users so they can provide video and advertisement recommendations that are exactly what they are interested in. With the sophistication of such a system, it is not uncommon for people to unconsciously enjoy streaming video content for a long time.

Although this is actually useful for us, but there is also a bad impact, where when a friend borrows a laptop / pc or Smartphone where our YouTube account has been logged on the device, it will be dangerous because they can know what kind of video content we normally watch it

This is a public privacy that must be anticipated, if you use incognito mode it will continue to be uncomfortable too. Therefore, see how to change your YouTube account into thefollowing private , even though it is not in secret mode even if history will be prevented from being stored in our account.

How to Make a YouTube Private Account

For this method alone, it can be done directly through the YouTube app or page directly, but to make it easier, we will do it through a web browser on a Computer / Laptop device.

  • First, we first enter the site and log into your respective google account
  • After that, click the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then click the Settings menu
  • Then on the Account menu, please click View or change your account settings



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