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How to Activate WhatsApp Lock with Face ID and Fingerprint on iPhone

In response to the user’s request, WhatsApp presents the latest security features that allow users to lock and unlock WhatsApp using face recognition and fingerprints. This WhatsApp feature can prevent unauthorized people from reading private messages on WhatsApp Smarters.

But for now the latest Whatsapp feature is only available for iPhone users with iOS 9 and so on. As of Monday (04/2/2019) this feature can be used for Whatsapp users on the iPhone . While for Android users still have to be patient to be able to use this feature 

For Smarters who use an iPhone and want to activate WhatsApp’s key features with fingerprints and faces, here’s how.

1. Update WhatsApp

If iPhone Smarters settings do not allow automatic updates when connected wi-fi, then Smarters must update the WhatsApp manual through the App Store. Open the App Store and update WhatsApp to the latest version

2. Open WhatsApp, Select Privacy

On WhatsApp, select Settings> Account> Privacy. On the Privacy page, select Screen Lock

3. Activate Face ID or Touch ID

After selecting Screen Lock, activate the Face ID and Touch ID feature options according to the features on the iPhone Smarters. Activate Require Face ID or Require Touch ID.

4. Set the Term

After activating Face ID and Touch ID, Smarters can now set the time period to lock WhatsApp automatically. The choice of available duration starts from Immediately up to 1 hour. This time period means the WhatsApp application will be locked automatically when Smarters leaves / closes this application.

5. Finish!

whatsapp touch id ios

If WhatsApp is locked within the specified time, then to open it again, Smarters must scan the Face ID and Touch ID. If Smarters fails to open WhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID, Smarters will be directed to open WhatsApp by entering the Smarters iPhone passcode.

If you don’t want to open WhatsApp, Smarters can still reply to messages or answer voice / video call calls through notifications on the lockscreen.



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