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Fingerprint Down Owned Screen Xiaomi Will Be Different, This Is How It Works

At present most Premium Smartphones are equipped with a more sophisticated and modern fingerprint sensor feature under the screen. Through these features, users can be more PD and stylish to use their devices. However, Xiaomi has a slightly different attitude where it is said to be slow in adopting this technology.

But it seems that this delay will be a surprise when the Chinese company claims that it has something new to implement on the screen’s fingerprint sensor below the screen .

For this information itself comes from Xiaomi Co-Founder Lin Bin, which was delivered through his Weibo official account. In this post , he has uploaded a short duration video which shows a demonstration of the implementation of the technology.

In uploading this 25-second video, we can find out that the fingerprint area that will be used is larger, which is 25 x 50mm. That way, users can more easily open or access their devices in a larger area without looking at the screen again to put their finger just above the sensor.

As we know that the fingerprint sensor area under the Smartphone screen currently only provides a small area, so the user must turn on the cellphone first to find out where the most appropriate position is to attach the finger.

Please note that for a concept like this is not the first to be exhibited, but before Vivo also exhibited it on Vivo Apex where the fingerprint area of ​​the sensor is in half the screen. That way users will be further facilitated. Although it has been exhibited to the public, but until now Vivo still hasn’t launched it.

On the other hand, Lin Bin also did not mention that the technology he was exhibiting would later be applied to the commercial smartphone that was soon to be released. Because only the prototype is used in the video.



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