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3 Ways to Overcome YouTube Cannot Open or Error on Android Phones

The activity of watching streaming via YouTube is one of the most fun and can make users forget the time. This is not because the amount of video content is interesting and in accordance with what the users want.

Not only can it be accessed via the web, but the most popular video streaming service in the World can also be enjoyed through the mobile application . When you do streaming activity via this application you will feel a little difference, where buffering is smoother, the viewing mode is more comfortable, and the many features provided.

However, sometimes the YouTube application can also experience errors and cannot be opened. Of course this kind of thing is one of the most annoying. But, you don’t worry guys because on this occasion we will provide the best solution to overcome this problem. What are you curious about? Come on, just go ahead and see the full discussion on how to deal with the YouTube application, you can’t open the following .

How to Overcome YouTube Error on Android

  • For the first way you can do is delete the cache and data from your YouTube application. This method is very easy, namely enter the Settings >> Apps >> All Apps >> YouTube menu , then click the Clear Data button .
  • But for those of you who are still using the old version of the Android operating system , it is recommended not to update or install newer applications, because Google no longer provides support. So, it would be nice to find the old version of the YouTube apk file and install it manually.
  • For how to deal with YouTube Other errors can be done by cleaning the search history , especially when you experience Unfortunately problems , YouTube has Stopped .

That’s how 3 guys how to deal with YouTube Error on Android that you can try to apply when experiencing such problems. Good luck.



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