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YouTube Desktop Supports Vertical Videos, Makes Watching More Comfortable

Some time ago a vertical video had become a problem for YouTubebecause users felt uncomfortable and the video looked small when viewed in landscape mode. Until finally YouTube mobile gets an update and now streaming video activities can also be done more comfortably because the videos are more responsive.

Well, it looks like a similar update has just been presented on YouTube’s Desktop versionwith a new look. In this latest display, the user interface system has been optimized so that the 16: 9 black frames that usually interfere with the left and right vertical video are now gone.

Since the black frame is removed, the video that has this vertical format can then be stretched by its users according to their tastes and needs. That way users will get the look and ratio that is right and comfortable to see.

For this change is rumored to be launched to YouTube Desktop users gradually. From the information obtained from Android Police, there are more and more videos with vertical format so that the developers focus more on this kind of content so that users are more comfortable enjoying it.

YouTube’s Community Manager named Marissa has also given the phrase that this update has been made so that videos with a vertical or maybe square format can be enjoyed more comfortably by computer browser users so that the video resolution will not be reduced.

“For widescreen videos (not 16: 9) such as vertical and square videos, we usually display black bars next to the video and make the video very small. This update removes the black bar. We launched this update on a mobile device a while ago (both Android and iOS) so that this change made the same viewing experience both on desktop and mobile “that was the information provided by Marissa.

In his further statement, he added that users can use the empty space beside it to increase the size of the video so that users can get the right look. But unfortunately, until now it is still uncertain when Indonesian users get this feature.



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