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Like this is the increasingly informative new WhatsApp appearance

Of the various kinds of instant messaging services that exist, WhatsApp is the most needed application in the whole world. Yes, although sometimes there are some people who do not use it, for some reason.

The increasing popularity of WhatsApp , of course, the developers are also increasingly enthusiastic to make meaningful updates which can make users more comfortable and friendly in operating it.

Not long ago there was information that stated that in the future, there will be a major overhaul for the display of the WhatsApp application . As reported by the WABetaInfo page, this new display is available for beta 2.19.45. In addition, it is also mentioned that the display will later appear in the final version with a similar password.

As you can see in the picture where the first update occurred in the WhatsApp Settings / Settings menu There are not only additional icon details, but users will also be presented with details about each part of the menu.

For example, such as under Account / Account, users can find the Privacy / Privacy, Security / Security options, and the last Change Number. Then on the next menus which are equipped with sub-menus that will be found on the next page.

Of course with this update , users will find it easier to find the settings they are looking for, they don’t need to enter one by one to check it in because just from the outside it looks so transparent. In addition, for the dividing lines of each menu is also removed, and also for the check list box is now replaced with toogle / buttons that seem more modern.

Subsequent display updates can be found in data usage which is more simplified. The use of incoming and outgoing data and its arrangement are now more neat so that users can analyze more comfortably. However, until now there is still no clarity about the presence of WhatsApp updates globally, because the beta version may not be long before all users get the update.



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