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Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition Announced, Intel Core i5 8GB RAM

Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi seems to not only focus on the launch of its newest Android smartphone but also gives attention to the line of Notebook. The company based in China is known to have just released the Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth and Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro which are now delivering the latest notebooks. The device, titled Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition , is said to be a lightweight version of the Xiaomi Notebook 15.6 model. What is it like, and how much is it?

Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition device itself comes as a notebook with a design that is quite slim and thin. In addition, this laptop is packed with a free design style from the ‘Mi’ logo which is packed in a metal casing that is quite solid and luxurious with an elegant design.

This Xiaomi notebook comes with a body thickness of 19.9 mm which is still relatively slim. Indeed, unlike other Xiaomi laptops, this Xiaomi laptop notebook Youth Edition device is packed with a white casing that looks luxurious and stylish. Not only that, an independent digital keypad is also equipped with two-speaker stretchers of 3W.

Meanwhile the Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition specification itself comes with a span of 15.6 inches that carries 1080p resolution. This laptop is armed with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor which is powered by 8GB RAM so it can produce reliable and powerful performance. The graphics are supported by MX110 discrete with 2GB video memory and are equipped with an internal capacity of 128GB SSD. This device is also equipped with a 1 TB mechanical hard disk for storage.

If Xiaomi laptops generally come with high heat dissipation, the Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition is not the case. This laptop is packaged by adopting a dual-fan cooling system using a dual built-in fan, double air outlet with 2 + 2 heat pipes which even ensures the performance of the laptop to be more stable and even durable when used for long periods.

Not only that, Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition comes with a pretty charming interface. Embedded a number of ports including a 3-in-1 card reader, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI interface, two USB 3.0 ports and a headset jack port. This notebook is ready to support user activities by providing reliable and capable performance.

Unfortunately, until this news was published, the date of the official launch of the Notebook Youth Edition was unknown. However, from speculation in circulation, this notebook will begin to be marketed and sold within a week after the launch schedule. The price of the Xiaomi Notebook Youth Edition is reportedly priced at USD 4599 or equivalent to Rp. 10.1 million. Interested?



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