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Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition Starts to Look, Stretch Four Rear Cameras

In 2018, the manufacturer Xiaomi did indeed release the Mi 8 which is present in several models, one of which is the Explorer Edition version as the most expensive version with transparent or translucent design on the rear panel. Now in 2019, the vendor from China is rumored to be launching the latest generation, namely the Xiaomi Mi 9. Usage has to investigate the vendor will also present the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition where the device began to tempt gadget lovers.

In 2019 this is indeed a transparent design on the rear body where displaying internal components such as a battery and processor will be presented by Xiaomi in the Mi 9 Explorer Edition. The existence of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition has actually started to be sniffed since a few weeks as the latest version. Now its appearance began circulating in cyberspace by carrying four rear cameras.

Although the leaked images circulating did not provide an overall picture of the body design behind it, but this was quite interesting. The appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition is first found on the Weibo site where it shows a glimpse of the design of the back with a focus on the rear camera that is owned.

What is interesting is that the design is not as transparent as the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, but the presence of four rear cameras positioned vertically complete with LED flash below. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition rear camera is different from the standard Mi 8 version which will only come with a stretcher of three rear cameras.

But unfortunately not much information is revealed regarding the innards and specifications that will be delivered. But there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon logo on the body behind it that shows that the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition will come with a transparent design and still driven by a Qualcomm chipset like the previous model.

Please note that the transparent design on the rear panel actually does not show the actual internal components. It’s just a piece of 3D printing plastic that covers the inside of the device or hardware of the device. But apart from that all the transparent designs on the Explorer Edition variant are the main attraction for Xiaomi gadget lovers.

Previous information circulated that Xiaomi will launch the Mi 9 at the upcoming event on February 20, 2019. In addition, it is reported that the vendor will also launch some of the latest products made by him. Reports circulating, Xiaomi will launch its newest Mi Router which has been confirmed by the Mi Router account on Weibo. Then at the event will the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition also be launched? Just look forward to the latest information.



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