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Windows 10 Notepad Will Be Updated, Serve More Advanced Features and Capabilities

Microsoft has presented a Windows operating system by providing various kinds of additional applications that can facilitate the performance of its users. Actually this OS can be installed on Smartphone devices , but the most popular OS is present for laptops and computers.

The users of computers with Windows base, of course, are not so foreign anymore, not about the Notepad application ? Yes, the appearance is so simple that it makes it easy for us to take notes. However, recently there was information stating that this application will later get an update.

For the addition of various features in Notepad, it will come along with Windows 10 updates in the future. With this update, it is expected that users can do more things using the application.

Some features include find and replace text and Zoom Text using the CTRL + Scroll Mouse key combination. As a report from BGR, it has been mentioned that this update will later complement and meet the demands of some users. Although there are already many more sophisticated applications out there, most Microsoft Windows users still rely on Notepad .

Not only that, later on users will also be able to use the CTRL + Backspace key combination to delete words so that users can work faster. Then there is also a status bar that will be automatically activated to display rows and column numbers so that users are not confused to write / correct. Besides being given to Microsoft Windows, this update will also come to Unix / Linux users.

In addition to the addition of features, the capabilities of Notepad will also be further enhanced so that heavy HTML files can fit open with this simple application. Reportedly this update will come along with an update to Windows 10 with the code name Redstone 5 which will be rolled out in the coming months. The new possibility will be ready to be used at the end of the year along with the Windows console update. We look forward to it.



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