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Windows 10 icon will also be changed by Microsoft

To appear more modern, now Microsoft has begun to revamp the icons in Office made by it. Not only that, it turns out the flagship operating system will also experience design changes so that it can look more fresh and comfortable in the eyes of its users.

Just like the icon of his office application , this software company from the United States will also revamp the icon on its Windows 10 operating system. This information was revealed directly by one of Microsoft’s top officials named Jon Friedman, Microsoft’s Head of Design.

In his statement, he said that the overhaul of the icon design carried out at the office was the starting point for the overhaul of the overall icons in Windows 10 . Through his Medium blog, Jon has revealed that Microsoft is currently working to reshape all icons in the same ” shape and style “. Even so, in his statement Jon Firedman did not reveal further details as to what the latest line of icons will look like later.

As the information reported from the Verge page, until now Windows 10 is still using the same icon from the previous version of Windows. There are even some icons that may be more than 10 years old. In addition, it is still not known when Microsoft will update the OS Windows 10 icon .

On the other hand, it is very likely that an update of the icon in the Microsoft Office application will be released first rather than a row of Windows 10 icons. Please note that for the appearance of the new Office icon it feels more simple, modern and bright. The shape of the icon itself also looks different compared to before.

Although it has a shape that is a little farther than its predecessor, the distinctive color characteristics of each application will remain the same. This is because Microsoft still wants to use typical dark blue colors for Word, Orange Powerpoint, dark green Excel, and so on.



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