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Will the iPod Touch be revived by Apple

Please note that the iPod is one of the first devices created by Apple in the electronic device business. At that time, this device had looked so luxurious and sophisticated when compared to other similar products.

However, unfortunately, as the development of the product age gradually declined, it was forgotten by the market. Even Apple itself no longer provides support for updates to these devices.

It is known that the company from the United States last released the sixth generation iPod Touch about 4 years ago. Since that time until now there have been no signs of the next generation of these devices, so that eventually they are increasingly forgotten.

But yesterday the news began to circulate that said that Apple plans to release the latest models of iPhone Touch Series made. This can be called if the device being prepared will later have the name of the iPod Touch 7 market . This information was first revealed by the Mac Otakara page .

As informed by the PhoneArena page , information about the latest iPod series is known from a number of suppliers who attended the CES 2019 event yesterday in Las Vegas, United States. But unfortunately, there is no detailed information such as specifications or features that will be presented in the music player device .

In a statement revealed by a number of media, said that the latest model of the iPod Touch will later get a number of updates, including such as a larger screen size, to internal memory which is reportedly wider compared to the previous generation.

Of course this information becomes quite interesting, because the device that has long been extinguished is reportedly going to be restarted by Apple after the company experienced a number of stock slumps several times. Could this have something to do with the problem where you expect a lot on the iPod Touch 7 to attract the attention of consumers again?



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