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Will Official OPPO Set Up Production of F Series Smartphones

OPPO is one of the vendors that is so popular in Indonesia, many of its homemade cellphones have managed to attract market attention. One of the best-selling ones is the F Series where the class is always focused on its selfie abilities.

But recently there was news that said the line would be deleted. This information even came from the direct PR OPPO Indonesia Manager, Aryo Medianto . Yes, during the inaugural sales event of the R17 Pro yesterday when met by the media, he said that “It could be (worked on),” meaning here is the OPPO F series which is always associated with this selfie Smartphone will not be made again in Indonesia.

But for now Aryo is still considering it first in this regard. Party OPPO is currently pondering whether besutannya Smartphone F series is going to be continued or not. And the main problem that has become a concern for the removal of this class is the matter of sticking to the nickname of the selfie on the cellphone as well as the brand.

Since 2016 was launched, the Selfie Smartphone label has become so attached to the OPPO brand, even this has an impact on other products such as Find X which is called a selfie cellphone as well. Even though the device is equipped with a variety of the latest and sophisticated technology, in addition to the camera mechanism that can go up and down, there is also a super fast Super VOOC charging.

And now in 2019 the Chinese company wants to change the mindset of its customers who initially considered the selfie Smartphone to be a sophisticated and high-quality mobile phone. Because, many sophisticated and modern components are planned to be presented on every cellphone made in the future.

Even so, for now the OPPO company is awaiting the enthusiasm of consumers towards the R17 Pro before finally the F Series will actually be decided to be stopped in Indonesia. Then, what is the future like? We look forward to further information.



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