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WhatsApp parties can block your account if these 3 things happen

It is a familiar thing that the WhatsAppinstant messaging service isnow a mainstay of every circle, almost all Smartphone users always have this application on every device.

This is because of the ease of operation, where they are still able to connect well with other people as long as there is a supportive cellular connection. In addition, the privacy of the users themselves is also maintained because of end-to-end encryption , so the developers themselves cannot know the contents of the user’s conversation.

However, there are several conditions WhatsApp takes full control, that is, against blocking. Here are 3 things that allow WA to block your account.

  1. Report on Underage Users

In Europe they may not use WhatsApp services before 16 years, while in other regions the minimum limit is 13 years. So, parents can report immediately if their children insist on accessing WA, with their own account.

How: send an email to And you will be asked for the following document:

  • Proof of ownership of WA numbers (identification cards from the government and telephone bills with the same name
  • Proof of parental authorization (eg copy of birth certificate or adoption for minors
  • Proof of child’s birth date (same as second point)

If the evidence is strong, WhatsApp will immediately verify, and the license will also not receive confirmation of the action. If a child cannot be verified, nothing will happen, and if someone else reports it will get an answer to contact the child’s parents.

2. Lost Cellphones and Report Users

If your cellphone is lost, immediately block the SIM card on the cellphone, so other people cannot verify the user account on the phone. Then the user can activate the account with a new SIM card through the same number, but on a different cellphone.

Perform WhatsApp reinstall and verify, and this step must be fast because other people can just use a WiFi network and know all of your messages.

3. Violates the WhatsApp Terms

WhatsApp is possible to block your account if you violate certain policies, such as hoax spreaders, spam messages, and terrorism. But not necessarily user reports will have an impact on blocking or other actions, due to certain considerations.

That’s 3 things that allow WhatsApp to block your account.



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