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Waze Will Be Submerged Submly By Google

If you want to find directions and places, indeed most people will immediately be directed to the service of the search giant named Google Maps , but most of those who like to drive, trust more with other services but still have one parent with Gmaps, namely Waze .

Trusted Waze offers several advanced features that are felt to help riders more comfortably and reach their destination in a fast time. Not only that, most people also consider that the features offered by this service are more complete and useful for drivers.

But recently there was a little less pleasant news for Waze users. The reason is that Google’s company is rumored to be sinking its navigation service and then focusing more on GMaps.

Just a piece of knowledge that Waze has been acquired by Google since June 2013 at a price of US $ 1.1 billion. Although they are in the same company, the two navigation services fight fiercely like external competition.

But unfortunately, some time there is something strange where Google Maps has adopted some features in Waze. For the latest features presented at GMaps, the speed limit indicator where the system will provide information if the driver is approaching the vehicle speed controller.

As information reported from the PhoneArena page , GMaps also immediately presents a feature wherein it will report information that occurs along the way such as damage or obstacles on the road.

Not only that, a feature that is in other Waze and will be embedded in Google Maps, which is a voice guide that is sounded by celebrities as well as from the user’s own voice. Seeing this kind of thing, some people say that Google will slowly sink Waze and show GMaps more.



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