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The Strongest Smartphone in 2018 which has proven its durability

If you are one of the gadget lovers, surely you already know who is Zack Nelson. Yes, he is a bald-headed man who often tests endurance on the latest range of Smartphone devices on the market, he actively shows the resilience of every new cellphone through his YouTube Channel,JerryRigEverything .

From here we can find out if the device is scratched, bent, pressed, even if it is burned to do it to provide clear information to the followers and other gadget lovers. That way, we ourselves can also consider further whether the device is suitable for us to use or not.

After 2018 quite a number of Smartphones were released, in the end Nelson had closed the year by displaying what was the most formidable device in its testing last year. In the video titled Smartphone Durability Awards 2018 , we can find out which device is the most formidable so that it is worthy of choice.

Of the total devices tested, Duraforce Pro 2 proved to be the most formidable. This smartphone made by Kyocera, from Japan has a really sturdy body with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass screen so users do not need to worry about scratches that imprint on the screen panel.

Nelson revealed that the screen of the Strongest Smartphone in 2018 was almost not scratched. If the average smartphone tested has been scratched at the level of “6” level of violence, but Duraforce Pro 2 can last up to the level of “8”. Not only hardiness, but this device is also equipped with water resistance and is supported by wireless charging technology too.

Not only discussing the matter of the Strongest Smartphone in 2018 , but he also revealed some mobile phones that are easy to do repairs, such as Nokia 7 and Nokia 6. The owner of the YouTube Channel JerryRigEverything revealed that Nokia 6 only takes 10 to 15 minutes to do screen changes, unlike the iPhone XS Max which is far more complicated.

Besides being complicated, Nelson also revealed that instead of repairing a damaged back, it is better to buy a Smartphone just because the cost of repairing that part reaches US $ 599 or equivalent to Rp. 8.9 million.



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