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The First Water and Dust Resistant Laptop in the World

During this time, of course we are familiar with the presence of Smartphone devices equipped with IP68 certification, especially if the smartphone made by Sony, which mostly have IP certificates, is resistant to water and dust. While for laptop devices there is still no and this is the first time.

Well, recently one vendor that might not be well known to the public, Raytheon has succeeded in creating a laptop that has exceptional water and dust resistance because the device is equipped with an IP68 certificate.

Laptop Raytheon UNCIA is the first to have a resistance to water and dust. Of course to get the certification cannot be arbitrary because you have to pass the trial first. And in fact this device works through all the processes.

Information about Raytheon UNCIA’s presence has emerged since the China Joy 2018 exhibition yesterday. To prove that this laptop device truly has resistance to water and dust, at the prestigious exhibition, Raytheon has put UNCIA into water in a transparent container. The result is that the laptop keeps running as it should, this is the benefit of having an IP68 certificate.

In addition, the design of Raytheon UNCIA is also quite stylish and up to date, the thickness of which is only 12.7 mm and only weighs 1.1 kg. As for performance, there is also no need to doubt because the latest laptop made by Raytheon has also been using the 8th generation Core i7-8550U chip from Intel which has proven its quality.

Raytheon UNCIA is not equipped with a fan because even though it is used for quite a long time the temperature of the device will remain stable because the thermal from the processor is good. For the power consumption needed only 15W so that this device can be used for a long time without being charged. But unfortunately, the launch time is still unknown.



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