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Samsung Galaxy S10 X Will Be the Official Name of Samsung 5G Smartphone

In early 2019 this is indeed a smartphone manufacturer Samsung isrumored to be soon to launch the latest top-class android smartphone. The vendor from Gingseng country is also predicted to introduce the first 5G smartphone to the public in the near future. But unfortunately until now it is not yet known the official name or commercial name that Samsung brought for the first 5G mobile phone. But the latest information circulating Samsung 5G devices will come with the name Samsung Galaxy S10 X , is that really true?

The latest information from the local media in South Korea quoted the ETNews where GSM Arena says that Samsung’s first 5G smartphone will come with the name Samsung Galaxy S10 X . For the use of the letter ‘X’ alone it not only signifies the Galaxy product line of the 10th year but can also mean ‘Experience’ (experience) and Expand (expansion).

Flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 X is reported to be released at the end of March 2019 in the South Korean market. This Samsung 5G device at the same time follows the launch of another Samsung Galaxy S10 which is rumored to be released in late February or early March 2019.

Meanwhile related to the price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X, the standard model is estimated to be priced at between USD 1425 to USD 1600 or the equivalent price of Rp. 21 million to Rp. 24 million. The price tag is indeed not cheap because this phablet is indeed present as a premium smartphone with sophisticated specifications.

This information also confirms information that previously circulated that Samsung will hold the ‘Samsung Unpacked 2019’ event on February 20, 2019. In the event Samsung is rumored to be introducing its latest besutan products, including the Galaxy S10 series where one of them is Samsung Galaxy S10 X.

Besides the event pepper, the vendor from Gingseng country will also launch the Samsung Galaxy F as a smartphone with a flexible foldable screen. Surely the Samsung Galaxy S10 X is ready to become a top-class flagship choice with a number of sophisticated and capable features.

Meanwhile, the leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 X is reportedly going to carry a super spacious screen measuring 6.7 inches. Not only that, this flagship will also be supported by four rear cameras and dual front cameras to support photography and exciting selfies. While to support the device to stay alive, this flagship will be powered by a battery with 5000mAh power.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 X device will also be powered by more than 10 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. But related to the default internal memory, the possibility that Samsung will be released only 512 GB edition. More, we look forward to the latest news from Samsung.



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