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Samsung Galaxy S10 Featured Life Pattern Feature

After several months passing by on Jagat Maya, in the end the Samsung Galaxy S10 has officially received confirmation regarding its release. Although not very clear, but the video footage uploaded by Samsung some time ago throughits official Twitteraccount, indicates that the Galaxy Unpacked event schedule is intended for the Galaxy S10.

Not long after the leak was widely circulated, several other expressions of information about the advantages that would be presented on the Samsung Galaxy S10 itself began to appear, increasingly certain and realistic. Not only about design and specifications, but the features that will be presented on this device are also interesting discussions.

Recently there has been the latest information that reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will later be equipped with the Life Pattern feature. What technology is that? And what functions for the latest Samsung Premium Smartphone ?

Based on the information reported by the Slash Gear page , the Life Pattern feature will not be available for the entire Samsung Galaxy S10 model , but only presented for the most expensive models that are estimated to have the name of the Galaxy S10 X market.

The Life Pattern feature is referred to as the Augmented Reality (AR) feature, which will give automatic functionality to Smartphone user functionality based on the user’s usage pattern. Many people say that this feature will be introduced by Samsung as a new way to use smartphones.

So for the Samsung Galaxy S10 X later that will make adjustments to its users, not users who have to accept all the changes that occur on the cellphone and make adjustments to the Smartphone more sophisticated and understand.

Not only that, there is some other information that says that the Life Pattern feature will automatically adjust the performance of the embedded processor for more optimal user needs. For example when a user uses the Samsung Galaxy S10 X for gaming, then everything will be focused on the game and reduce the performance of other applications. That way, not only gets the ability faster, but the battery can also be more durable.



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