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OPPO Find X2 Will Use a Hollow Screen and 10X Zoom Camera

As we know that last year OPPO has launched a new Smartphone with the application of attractive designs and looks different from other devices. Yes, Find X became the first cellphone to use a slider for the front and rear cameras. However, the concept seems to be the first and last.

Because recently there was information that revealed that the next generation would not use such a design concept again, but instead switched to using a concept that was considered more modern, safe and comfortable for its users.

One YouTuber has conveyed a matter of prediction about the next generation of OPPO Find X , which later will come with the market name Find X2 / X 2 / Find X II. Then in the next estimate he mentioned that this Smartphone will use a hollow screen panel as applied to the Galaxy A8s for embedding the front camera.

If indeed the next generation of OPPO Find X uses a hole in the screen, then automatically the Smartphone is not equipped with a 3D Face Unlock sensor anymore. On the other hand, with its design like this, mobile phones can have IPXX certification that is resistant to dust and water. Because for the generation of its predecessors it did not have such certification because the camera mechanism that had fluctuated had not been properly protected.

Still according to YouTuber named MrWhoseTheBoss, he predicts that the Find X2 will be equipped with a 10X Zoom camera that has just been introduced by OPPO in the back body. Then the charging feature is likely to be the same, namely Super VOOC Flash Charge that can charge 100% in just 30 minutes and a wireless charging that allows the device to charge wirelessly.

As reported by the GizmoChina page OPPO Find X2 is reportedly going to be released in the upcoming June 2019. Then, is this a guess? We wait for certainty some time to come.



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