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On sale, the iPhone SE is now much cheaper

Apple has experienced signs of a decline in production since last year and has attracted the attention of the wider community through its latest Smartphone series. This is because the newest generation iPhone has missed estimates. Among them are like theiPhone XR , XS and XS Max.

Well, some time before the third launch of the latest Smartphone , the Apple company has announced that it has officially stopped selling for several flagship products, including such as the iPhone X, iPhone 6 and also the iPhone SE .

However, it was recently discovered that the Apple company was selling the iPhone SE again, and was not consistent with what it said. Through its official website, the company from the United States is known to have resold the product. Not only that, the more interesting thing is that the price of the banderolan is much cheaper compared to the previous one.

Yes, the iPhone SE has entered the ” Warehouse ” section of the official website of the Apple company. for devices that are back on sale, there are also 2 variants, including the 32GB and 128GB versions. The lowest model of this Smartphone is priced at US $ 249, equivalent to Rp. 3.5 million. Of course this price is cheaper compared to the previous one which is still around US $ 349.

Then for the highest model priced at US $ 299 or around Rp 4.2 million, aka US $ 150 cheaper than the usual model. And the color variants offered include rose gold, gray, gold and silver.

But unfortunately for the warehouse washing program provided by Apple for the iPhone SE this only applies to its customers in the United States alone. Because the official site in other countries did not find the program. In addition, this warehouse washing system is quite successful because currently all the stock that has been provided is selling well in the market.



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