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Not long ago circulating, Apple Watch Series 4 has experienced serious problems

At the beginning of September 2018 yesterday the company Apple has officially launched a number of its newest electronic products, and one of the devices that managed to grab attention was the Smartwatch named Apple Watch Series 4 .

After several weeks since its launch, the latest Apple Watch series has finally arrived in various countries and one of them is Australia. But unfortunately it seems that the initial presence did not go smoothly, because some users complain that the latest series of smart watches that they bought often experience a reboot.

Apple Watch Series 4 only displays the startup interface repeatedly until the battery runs out on its own. There is still no further diagnosis regarding these problems. However, the likelihood is the adjustment of daylight saving time (DST) that has just occurred in the Continent.

For this event, it has affected most of the “Activity Complication” features that contain information about the time from hours, minutes to seconds on the Infograph Modular display that fails to handle the time changes swiftly. That way, the entire smart watch system is confused and reboots repeatedly.

Please note that DST is a change in time by backing up to 1 hour at the end of summer. Whereas for Infograph Modular displays graphics of time every day and provides data such as Move Calories, Exercise, and Stand Hours from the next hour to the next. For this data itself is used to create the Activity Rings that will be shown to users.

Even so, some users managed to overcome this problem by way of deleting Modular Infograph display, using a companion app Watch iPhone. On the other hand, users are also not advised to charge in a reboot, because it will affect the health of the battery in a certain period of time.

Until now there is still no response from Apple , indeed, if the problem lies in the time zone, it will recover automatically in the next few days. But the DST will approach other countries such as America and Europe, so an important Apple Watch Series 4 update is given so users feel more comfortable using it.



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