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New Bug Mobile Legends Make Players Anxious in Rank Match

Bugs in the Mobile Legends Game

It is common for developers to update their services, moreover it is a game where an update must be made so as not to cause boredom towards the players. But this time Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends had a pretty serious problem.

Because the players who intend to heart want to push rank, but instead exposed to a bug that is really annoying. For the intended bug this time is the replacement of the Battle Spell, and also the removal of the emblem.

Even for this method of bugging it is really easy, causing unrest for every player who intends to do push rank. Not all players can feel it, because this time the bug only happens in draft pick mode, so at least it has reached Epic tier or higher.

For the following bugs take advantage of the performance lag that occurs during the game, especially in the quality of the network. This bug will occur when you randomly pick a hero quickly, causing Frame loss. Not only that guys, but there are also those who will come out of the game and log into the game again, aka DC.

This bug occurs when you have just updated to Unity Engine . Though Moonton hopes that with this new machine Mobile Legends players can get a smoother and more exciting playing experience. However, even problems like this arise, of course not very fun right, because it could have lost stars uselessly.

Because it was very unsettling, Moonton immediately responded to the problem. And the Mobile Legends game again gets an update, where when a player chooses a hero in the draft ranked ranked match, there will be a cooldown for 1 second after changing the hero during the Ban Pick. Thus, the players will not be able to use this bug again later.

However, it is still unknown whether the players who experienced this incident received compensation from Moonton or not, such as getting Battle Points, Tickets, or maybe even an additional 1 star ranking for free.



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