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Lenovo Assigns Lemeng Mobile to Focus on Release of Music Smartphone

The past few months it seems that new subsidiaries have received quite a lot of attention from consumers. After Honor as a subsidiary of Huawei , there are Poco under the auspices of Xiaomi and the most recent iQoo which was officially acquired by Vivo.

As if not wanting to miss the trending subsidiaries, Lenovo as one of the companies from China has also introduced its newest Smartphone brand , Lemeng Mobile . This information has been officially announced directly by the parties concerned.

Yesterday, Lenovo Mobile through its official Weibo social network account has announced the presence of the new ‘Lemeng Mobile’ mobile brand. Not only that, the Weibo Lemeng Mobile account which has 20,964 fans is also listed as owned by Beijing Lenovo Group.

On the other hand, based on uploads in the micro-blogging, Lenovo Mobile has revealed that it will hold a meeting in their offices in China to make decisions about Lemeng Mobile’s future, what its newest subsidiary will be made of.

There is still no certainty that has been taken, but there is information that states that the newest sub-brand will focus on releasing smartphones that excel in the music sector. Because Lemeng Mobile itself is a sub-brand from Lenovo Mobile which had been active several years before.

Then, Lenovo itself is known to also release a Smartphone that is rich in audio and music features. That way, through Lemeng Mobile this will be a golden opportunity to revive the brand this year after a long hiatus. That’s the information we summarized from KompasTekno .

It is quite promising indeed because it can be a differentiator for Lenovo Mobile to release its latest Smartphone this year. However, it is also hard to make this device popular immediately, because most consumers still focus on the camera, design, and price sectors.



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