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Launch the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 Teaser

Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is not only launching smart phonesand cameras and tablets but expanding its business in the notebook industry. The Chinese vendor is reportedly preparing the latest notebook that will come with the name Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 . The notebook device is rumored to be launching on August 3, 2018 tomorrow where the newest teaser is circulating on Weibo which introduces a number of details from this latest generation notebook.

From the posters circulating in the virtual world, it appears the keyboard character has a certain character. On the keyboard keys appear “C, J, 8, 3” have different colors. It becomes a hidden signal or message that seems to be conveyed by the vendor. The stretch of the letter “C, J” seems to signal the word “China Joy” where the indications for the launch of Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 will be held in China.

Besides that the keyboard also looks different on the number “8.3” where it suggests that Xiaomi will launch the brand-new notebook on August 3, 2018 tomorrow in China. Not only that, there is also a series of codes that are quite mysterious and confuse “!)%” “. The four characters match “1050” which indicates that the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 will be supported with a GTX 1050 GPU graphics card.

However, if a number of these allegations are true, this is indeed in accordance with the information from a Xiaomi official some time ago. At the point of view it was revealed that the latest generation Xiaomi will come with the name Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 where most likely the device will be supported with smooth graphics from the GTX 1050 GPU.

To note the GTX 1050 graphics chip itself is an entry level graphics chip based on the Pascal architecture launched by NVIDIA in October 2016 ago. The core code that builds the graphics card is GP107-300. The use of GPU comes with support for 640 stream processors, 32 raster units, 40 texture units and also 1354 MHz core reference frequency. Not only that, the GPU has 2GB of GDDR5 ready to produce responsive and reliable performance.

With the presence of new architecture and bandwidth that has higher memory, its performance even exceeds the GTX 950 GPU. Not only that, the GTX 1050 GPU on the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 will later make the device more efficient in power consumption so that it saves more battery life.

This Notebook Pro 2 device is rumored to be officially released on August 3, 2018 tomorrow. Unfortunately, until this news is published, there is no information on how much the price of the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2 and the full specifications. For that we just look forward to the latest news.



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