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Here’s the Latest Features and Strengths of Android Q

Although in 2019 there are still many smartphones that have not received an update for Android Pie , the people at XDA Developers have already built the main version of the next operating system: Android Q.

Thanks to the leaked screenshots and hands-on videos we can see how the appearance of Android Q and its latest features and some improvements will be included in this version.

Android Q will have  a new Dark Mode : useful for everyone who has a smartphone with an OLED screen and can also save battery life , and can protect the eyes from being tired at night.

To activate  Dark Mode , all users have to do is go to the Display Settings menu and tap on Set Dark Mode. Once activated, Dark  Mode on Android Q will turn the user interface dark.

The white element will be dark gray and there will even be several elements, such as notifications and the menu will turn black. Even for applications that do not support Dark  Mode , they will be compatible with this new feature.

The appearance of Android Q also shows an increase in privacy and security with the modified Permissions menu and allows checking the permissions of android applications individually directly from the settings. 

The next feature on  Android Q , there will be Desktop Mode, like minimizing (it is possible to launch several application windows at the same time).



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