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Helio M70 Developed, First 5G Modem from MediaTek

One of the leading chipset manufacturers, MediaTek, does not seem to want to lose to its competitors. The SoC manufacturer has officially introduced a mobile chipset with advanced 5G capabilities. Reportedly MediaTek will develop it in a 5G modem titled Helio M70 . The mode will be built through TSMC which is produced with advanced 7nm processing technology.

Not only that, reportedly the development of the MediaTek Helio M70 chipset with the 5G capability itself will combine EUV technology. It is planned that shipping the latest chipsetfrom MediaTek itself will begin in 2019, which is the answer to consumer demand for super-fast internet access needs in speeds of up to 1GBps.

It should be noted, in the deployment of 5G network solutions worldwide, MediaTek has confirmed that it has partnered with a number of cellphone vendors . Just mention Nokia , China Mobile and also Huawei who are ready to work with Mediatek. These SoC manufacturers not only offer toughness on the technical side for the Helio M70 but also negotiate specifications with these vendors.

Meanwhile, it is expected that with the introduction of the latest standards introduced MediaTek will also confirm that the Helio M70 will later support more global smartphone manufacturers in creating mobile devices with 5G connectivity support . In addition, similar support can also be felt by a number of telecommunications operators related to the latest 5G network.

MediaTek’s own CEO, Rick Tsai, revealed that by utilizing a number of IP solutions and chipsets that are being developed by the company, MediaTek can help ecosystems and customers to roll the device on time, for the 5G technology era .

Before MediaTek, the SoC producers who had prepared themselves to produce chipsets with the latest 5G modems were Qualcomm and also Samsung. The two chipset manufacturers have the same desire where the SOC will launch in 2019. Of course with the introduction of MediaTek’s Mediatek Helio M70 chip , competition in the chipset industry will be increasingly attractive and heated. So, just wait for the first smartphone to be supported by this 5G chip, friend.



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