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Folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G will only be sold in this country only

Samsung’s tech giant is reportedly preparing the latest folding screen smartphone. Although the vendor from Gingseng has not shown the real design of Samsung folding screens in general, the vendor has exhibited its prototype. Now the latest leaked device titled Samsung Galaxy Fold is back in circulation which will be one of the folding screen smartphones that are present in 2019.

Rumors circulating say that Samsung will also present a folding screen smartphone variant of the 5G as a folding phone made by him. It is suspected that this smartphone will have a Samsung Galaxy Fold nickname . From speculation circulating reveals that the standard version will melt globally while for the Galaxy Fold the 5G variant will only be sold in one country namely South Korea.

Meanwhile the vendor from Gingseng Country itself has not announced the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But most likely the Samsung folding screen device will be introduced along with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 series, which is in February 2019. As is known with the Galaxy S10 series will launch on February 20, 2019 with the debut on the United States market.

Related to folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold itself reportedly will come with four color variants namely green, blue, black and silver. Other leaks reveal that this smartphone will also be powered by a large capacity battery just like the flagship Galaxy S10 series. But the truth of this information is of course we look forward to the latest information from Samsung.

Please note that entering 2019 itself, Samsung seems to be ‘stepping on the gas’ to launch the latest Android smartphone . In addition to the flagship Galaxy S10 series and Samsung Galaxy Fold, the vendor will also launch the Galaxy M series at the end of January 2019. This Galaxy M-series smartphone will make its first debut on the Indian market.

Before launching the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the South Korean vendor itself had already launched the first hole screen smartphone titled Galaxy A8s on the Chinese market in the Infinity-O design. In addition, the vendor also just presented the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2019) on the South Korean market with specs and designs identical to the Galaxy A8s .

Unfortunately there is no information regarding the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Fold 5G. That’s why we look forward to the latest information from Samsung in the near future.



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